Why Your Business Needs Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Social media was once used for fun activities like sharing a picture of the breakfast that you’ve had; however, today people take social media and other similar platforms to look for solutions, voice their opinions, and to look up current events. All it takes is one Google search to determine a brand’s credibility. It has … Read more

List Of Special Advisers Advising Government

Newgate Communications Special Advisers List

Interested in who is driving policy in the UK? The brilliant team at Newgate Communications have an online SPAD chart detailing all the Ministers and Special Advisers who are shaping our post Covid-19 future government. Have a look: https://www.newgatecomms.com/spad#/

Why Do Sensible People Believe Fake News?

You’re scrolling through Facebook, and you see that a friend has linked to an article; you glance at the title and realise that it’s nonsense. Or you’re chatting to a family member, and they share their opinion about politics; you discover they believe things that you’re sure aren’t true. In the information-filled world of today, … Read more

Hold on tight – the millennials are here!

I take a keen interest in management trends and how businesses adapt to the world around them. A very interesting change is underway as those born in the 1980s through to the late 1990s start to influence corporate culture.  The so-called ‘millennials’ are a generation that have never known life without the internet; everything they … Read more

7 tips for enhancing B2B marketing campaigns with online video

Consumers just love video and that includes other business’s buyers too. Over 182 million people in US alone watched online video in September, engaging in a total of 39.8 billion video views. Now savvy B2B marketers are quickly realising the power of online video in their email and social media marketing campaigns.  Nothing sells products … Read more

How to handle a social media crisis

As a tool for raising awareness about your brand, social media scores top marks. When people like or share what is being posted about your business, social media earns its stripes as one of the most influential online branding strategies around. But what happens when something detrimental to your clean-cut reputation is posted online? Negative … Read more

5 ways to use Twitter to build your business

Social media is an effective marketing tool for any business and the good thing about it is that it can be completely free of charge. If you want to grow your business, it is imperative to have a strong social media presence and to use it effectively. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms … Read more

5 things you need to know about building a personal brand

Building a personal brand has never been more important. Doing so means that your skills and personality will transcend your current role or company and exponentially increase your individual value. It can be difficult to know where to start but here are the top 5 things I think you need to know about building your … Read more

How to manage social media marketing effectively

Social media has opened up a wide range of new opportunities in marketing, allowing businesses to reach consumers directly at a wider and cheaper rate than ever before. The vast majority of people, including your potential consumers, engage in at least some form of social media, be it Facebook with 1.7 billion monthly active users, … Read more