3 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Blog

Every company knows how important having a blog is for marketing purposes. Engaging, insightful content can help to increase traffic to your site, and readers will regularly return for more. Once they come to trust and believe in your brand, readers will be more likely to buy your products or use your service. Investing time … Read more

Job Seekers: Build yourself a social media brand

Whether we consider it to be intrusive or not, the first step of many employers when considering candidates is to do a quick bit of online research on the individual. This could mean navigating to the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, their information on a former or current company’s website, or a check of their Twitter feed. … Read more

How Social Media Can Help SMEs To Stand Out Online

It’s always challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises to stand out from the crowd in a consumer-driven economy that’s increasingly dependent on a strong online presence. Enhancing business growth and creating tighter bonds with customers are paramount; you also need to be taking advantage of advances in technology to maintain close client relationships. Although the … Read more

9 to 5 is dying, should we celebrate?

In recent times, there has been an increasing trend of employees slowly moving away from the traditional confides of the office and being given more flexibility and choice over their working environment. Employees sought on their availability to work in a particular region, with specific contracted working hours, in a costly office environment is no … Read more

It’s a noisy world online, how do you stand out?

Twitter is the new social media phenomenon, with over 500 million users and over 50 million tweets sent every day — it’s clearly big. Businesses across the world are making fantastic use of the service to promote their services, connect with customers in meaningful ways and explore new opportunities. However Twitter can be a noisy … Read more

“Show, don’t tell” is the new rule on social media

Using visuals in social media marketing is huge for a variety of reasons, but the most important is simply that people are drawn to images. And not only that, but most people can process information contained in an image more quickly and easily than they can process the same information in written form. The fact … Read more

Could a shorter working day be the key to productivity?

You might have spotted a recent segment on The One Show which explored whether shorter working days, following a Swedish model, could be the key to higher levels of productivity, as well as sparking an increase in staff wellbeing. An experiment was conducted with the Liverpool-based marketing firm, Agent Marketing. People working there initially shrunk … Read more

Mindful sleep: what is it and how can we achieve it?

We all know the one: the office champion insomniac. The super-charged workaholic who can function at 100% after being up all night. Don’t bother telling him about the meagre three hours of sleep you managed last night due to your newborn baby. He only had two. And they were broken! Do you have difficulty dropping … Read more

Mindfulness in the workplace: five practical tips for 2016

Last week I looked at how mindfulness in the workplace can have benefits for the productivity of our businesses, as well as the mental wellbeing of employers and employees alike. In the past week, for instance, have you found yourself listening to conversations but being unable to recall what was being said? Have you eaten meals without … Read more

Can being mindful make us more productive?

It might sound like something Yoda would advise (he tells Anakin Skywalker a few times in the prequels to be “mindful of your thoughts”), but the practice of mindfulness can not only help improve your own mental and physical health, but could also have knock on effects for workplace productivity. First, let’s take this back … Read more