Hold on tight – the millennials are here!

I take a keen interest in management trends and how businesses adapt to the world around them. A very interesting change is underway as those born in the 1980s through to the late 1990s start to influence corporate culture.  The so-called ‘millennials’ are a generation that have never known life without the internet; everything they … Read more

9 to 5 is dying, should we celebrate?

In recent times, there has been an increasing trend of employees slowly moving away from the traditional confides of the office and being given more flexibility and choice over their working environment. Employees sought on their availability to work in a particular region, with specific contracted working hours, in a costly office environment is no … Read more

Could a shorter working day be the key to productivity?

You might have spotted a recent segment on The One Show which explored whether shorter working days, following a Swedish model, could be the key to higher levels of productivity, as well as sparking an increase in staff wellbeing. An experiment was conducted with the Liverpool-based marketing firm, Agent Marketing. People working there initially shrunk … Read more

Mindful sleep: what is it and how can we achieve it?

We all know the one: the office champion insomniac. The super-charged workaholic who can function at 100% after being up all night. Don’t bother telling him about the meagre three hours of sleep you managed last night due to your newborn baby. He only had two. And they were broken! Do you have difficulty dropping … Read more

Mindfulness in the workplace: five practical tips for 2016

Last week I looked at how mindfulness in the workplace can have benefits for the productivity of our businesses, as well as the mental wellbeing of employers and employees alike. In the past week, for instance, have you found yourself listening to conversations but being unable to recall what was being said? Have you eaten meals without … Read more

Can being mindful make us more productive?

It might sound like something Yoda would advise (he tells Anakin Skywalker a few times in the prequels to be “mindful of your thoughts”), but the practice of mindfulness can not only help improve your own mental and physical health, but could also have knock on effects for workplace productivity. First, let’s take this back … Read more

Would unlimited staff holidays boost your bottom line?

Across the globe, more and more top companies are adopting unlimited holiday policies, allowing employees to enjoy a more flexible approach to work; one which recognises the value of employee satisfaction and positive results in job performance. A Gallup poll shows that only 13 per cent of employees are ‘engaged’ at work, perhaps because most can’t … Read more