How to manage social media marketing effectively

Social media has opened up a wide range of new opportunities in marketing, allowing businesses to reach consumers directly at a wider and cheaper rate than ever before. The vast majority of people, including your potential consumers, engage in at least some form of social media, be it Facebook with 1.7 billion monthly active users, … Read more

3 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Blog

Every company knows how important having a blog is for marketing purposes. Engaging, insightful content can help to increase traffic to your site, and readers will regularly return for more. Once they come to trust and believe in your brand, readers will be more likely to buy your products or use your service. Investing time … Read more

Job Seekers: Build yourself a social media brand

Whether we consider it to be intrusive or not, the first step of many employers when considering candidates is to do a quick bit of online research on the individual. This could mean navigating to the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, their information on a former or current company’s website, or a check of their Twitter feed. … Read more

How Social Media Can Help SMEs To Stand Out Online

It’s always challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises to stand out from the crowd in a consumer-driven economy that’s increasingly dependent on a strong online presence. Enhancing business growth and creating tighter bonds with customers are paramount; you also need to be taking advantage of advances in technology to maintain close client relationships. Although the … Read more

It’s a noisy world online, how do you stand out?

Twitter is the new social media phenomenon, with over 500 million users and over 50 million tweets sent every day — it’s clearly big. Businesses across the world are making fantastic use of the service to promote their services, connect with customers in meaningful ways and explore new opportunities. However Twitter can be a noisy … Read more

“Show, don’t tell” is the new rule on social media

Using visuals in social media marketing is huge for a variety of reasons, but the most important is simply that people are drawn to images. And not only that, but most people can process information contained in an image more quickly and easily than they can process the same information in written form. The fact … Read more

Is That a Senior Executive I See Tweeting?

Social media is a relatively young phenomenon, but everyone at least knows what it is, even if they don’t know how to use it. And while most senior-level executives know what social media is and how powerful it can be for organisations, the majority don’t necessarily understand how they themselves can take advantage of it. … Read more

7 Tips for Improving Audience Engagement with Social Media

Social media can be an incredible tool for businesses, in particular for small businesses that don’t have large marketing budgets. An active and engaging social media presence can help small businesses compete with the big brands for attention, and potentially connect to a vast audience. The key is engaging your audience by providing a steady … Read more

There’s more than one social network? What’s the difference?

It seems to be the common refrain now – “everyone who wants to make their mark in business needs social media”. But the question is, which network? Here is a look at the different types of social media platforms and how your content can differ on each one. On Twitter, every word you post is important … Read more

Take Your Business Further with Snapchat

Snapchat has only been around since 2011, but it’s already gained over 100 million daily users. There’s huge potential for businesses looking to expand their social media presence, and lots of ways for smart business owners to leverage the power of this popular platform. Getting started with Snapchat Like most social media platforms, Snapchat is … Read more