Starting Twitter With A Bang

Even if you have no Internet experience at all, you probably already understand the power of Twitter. As one of the behemoths of social media, it’s a place where people talk, share and engage. Here are just a few stats about the giant: Currently the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform 302 Million Active Monthly Users … Read more

What on earth is Braintree Hour?

Twitter is fast becoming a useful tool for small businesses across the country — allowing independent retailers to tap into new customers, giving local tradesmen a chance to showcase their work and allowing businesses of all descriptions to promote themselves. As part of this rise in the use of social media for small businesses I launched Braintree … Read more

Can a Boring Business Make an Exciting Tweet?

Twitter is the new social media phenomenon, with over 500 million users and over 50 million tweets sent every day — it’s clearly big. Businesses across the world are making fantastic use of the service to promote their services, connect with customers in meaningful ways and explore new opportunities. However Twitter can be a noisy … Read more