Managing online reputation – make or break your business

You must’ve heard that it takes several good deeds to build a reputation but only one bad one to lose it. Your business’s online reputation  is its character; with a shady reputation, you’ll have to pool in more resources to keep your business afloat. With a good reputation, your business will need minimal marketing, since it is reason enough for users to buy your products and/or services.

Why you need to manage an online reputation

We are mostly taught to ignore bullies and avoid responding to them. The said approach might be useful for an individual, but the same approach can cause huge losses if applied to a business. Whenever you come across a negative review, feedback, comment or even PR coverage that isn’t healthy for your business, try to address immediately it over the same platform. By doing so, people will know that you care about your brand’s reputation, and that you won’t shy away from helping or reaching out to your customers.

This public appearance on social media will result in an instant online reputation. People who previously had negative views about your brand might start to question their assumptions, and people who were having second thoughts about doing business with your company may decide to move ahead with their plans. Addressing the reviews and feedback publicly shows that you not only care about your reputation, but you also care about your customers’ opinions.

Making your business with online reputation

When establishing an online business, your online reputation is the only thing that stands between failure and market winners. If you are able to market your achievements successfully, have proper PR news coverage, stay active over social media, while addressing reviews and feedbacks timely, then you won’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars over marketing or to advertise your business.

To stay on top of the game, you need first to understand the game; to do that you can study how global market leaders rely on and build their online reputation to attract customers and for talent acquisition. For example, whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, all the giant has to do is a PR event. That alone does the trick. The event is more effective than a hundred marketing campaigns or advertisements.

Breaking your business with online reputation

Businesses that don’t give much attention to their online reputation usually make do by staying in the shadows. They never reach their highest potential, nor do they land on the first pages of search engines (SERPs). Such businesses spend thousands on different marketing strategies but still stay on the sidelines. This is because no matter how much money they spend on marketing or advertising, people will only trust a business with their money if it’s reputable, credible. Reputation and credibility can’t be bought – they’re built.

A business with a flimsy online reputation won’t get as many new customers as it could with stellar reputation. It will be difficult for such a business to hire top talent, or break the barrier of perpetual break-evens.



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