Starting Twitter With A Bang

Even if you have no Internet experience at all, you probably already understand the power of Twitter. As one of the behemoths of social media, it’s a place where people talk, share and engage.

Here are just a few stats about the giant:

  • Currently the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform
  • 302 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Over 500 Million Tweets Every Day

Simply stated, Twitter a critical component to every successful online brand management campaign.

If you’re a beginner new to the Twitter arena and you’d like to set up shop here, follow this guide. I’ll give you all the basics you need to get up and running, start interacting with prospective and current customers, and start improving your overall business success and potential.

1. Find a Relevant Username.

First and foremost, you need to choose an account name that’s relevant to your business or brand. With this, many users on the site this can prove a bit of a challenge. However, there are a few additional strategies you can use for naming.

Keep Your Name Short and Sweet

When you’re on Twitter, text characters are truly your real estate. Each tweet is limited to 140 characters. Accordingly, people are less inclined to mention you by name in a tweet if your username is overly long or complex.

Try your best to keep your name limited to about 15-16 characters or less.

Get as Close to Your Business (or Your Name) as Possible

Again, you want your Twitter account to reflect your name or business. Therefore you need to pick a name that’s a close match to that business or name. While this may be hard, think of relevant combinations that make sense.

If your business is “John’s Pizzas” in Harlow, for example, you could try names such as “JohnsPizzaHarlow” or “HarlowJohnsPizza”. Experiment with combinations that are available handles and find the one that works for you.

Remember the Ranking/SEO Power of Your Name

Another important point to consider is that your Twitter account has valuable SEO ranking power for your business. You want your Twitter account to rank right up there with the rest of your business sites on search engines. Make sure your user name and account details include information that aligns with your other business assets such as your website.

2. Share Interesting, Quality Stuff.

What initially convinces people to follow you isn’t you begging for retweets and follows. Instead, it’s about sharing interesting and quality stuff on a consistent basis.

To this day, countless users still misuse Twitter as a platform for monotonous self-promotion and boring advertising gimmicks. They think that their humdrum business tweets will somehow improve their businesses just because they’re on Twitter.

These users couldn’t be further from the truth.

Twitter thrives on meaningful engagement and interaction. From your vantage point, this comes through sharing interesting stuff with others.

Let’s say your business is a car detailing company. If you find an interesting story about Tesla Motors or the newest Mercedes, share it. You could even add in a comment like “We’d make the trim even shinier here” as a tongue-in-cheek response.

The first order of business is to keep the content you share interesting and relevant to your business. Don’t just throw up a bunch of self posts that no one will read or care about. Instead, share interesting stuff that people will actually enjoy.

Once you’re established a bit you can begin to incorporate some business strategies like online deals, flash sales or other interesting business ideas. But you want to have some followers first before you start throwing these types of advertisements out (otherwise you’re not speaking to anyone who may care about some online sale you’re having).

3. Meaningfully Interact with Others.

Another mistake many people make is occasionally following other accounts – but never actually interacting with anyone. Twitter is a platform engineered for interactions. These are the powerhouses that drive the site. And interaction is the key for your business to slowly build visibility, recognition and followers on the site.

Spend some time on Twitter finding interesting, unique and related accounts to your business. Make it a point to listen to them and respond to their tweets. Retweet the posts you find especially interesting. Reshare the links that they post so your followers can see them too.

This is the type of interaction that helps you better establish yourself on the site. People respond to meaningful interaction by sharing your stuff, retweeting your posts and talking about your business. And that’s exactly the type of motion you need to gain followers and build up your account.

4. Reply to Everything (Even the Negative Stuff).

Meaningful interaction starts and stops with replies. No matter what’s being said about you, it’s in your best interest to reply.

Many businesses make the mistake of ignoring anything negative said about them. Don’t make this common rookie mistake. Keep the conversation going – good or bad. If the complaint is legitimate, do what you can to remedy the situation.

For one, negative posts often get even more visibility than positive ones (it’s called the rubberneck effect). By meeting these posts head-on, you can stop a potential cascade effect of negativity immediately – and show your followers that you work hard to satisfy your customers, fans and followers.

5. Keep Your Account Active

Finally, you need to remain active online. Don’t just set up your Twitter account, build a few followers and think that you’re ‘done’ with the site.

Social media is never, ever static. The worst thing you could do is suddenly stop using your account and interacting with people. People will unfollow you and you’ll lose out on all the potential the site could offer your business. Make it a point to remain active on Twitter – even if it’s only a few minutes a day.

Unlocking Twitter’s Potential

As you can see, the true ‘secret’ behind Twitter isn’t very secret at all. It’s about genuinely interacting with people who are your current and prospective customers or clients.

This type of customer interaction has never been so accessible for business owners. That’s why it’s so important to get online and start taking advantage of what it can offer you.

While Twitter is a bit of work, getting yourself established will do nothing but good toward improving your business and getting your name out there.

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