What factors influence online reputation?

The internet is done the impossible – enabling the masses to share their thoughts and views almost about everything. Businesses, corporations, and even multinationals are at the mercy of the internet. But the internet has also allowed business owners to promote their business more effectively.

Business reputation is built on different factors that have the potential to shift public opinion over time. Some of these factors include reviews, search engine results, and social media posts. Below are some of the factors that have the potential to influence your business’ online reputation.

·      Reviews

The internet allows people to share their experiences publicly – something which wasn’t possible before. People’s opinion about your services or products and easily influence new buyers into doing business with you. Amazon’s business runs mainly on reviews from customers. If a product has 5 stars and good reviews, it has a  much higher chance of selling than one that doesn’t have any stars or reviews under it.

Setting up the review tab on your website is just the starting – you’ll have to devise a communication strategy where you’ll be able to respond to both negative and positive reviews. Everyone wants positive reviews as they depict appreciation from the customer and while strengthening the public opinion of your brand.

A negative review, on the other hand, can be catastrophic for your brand, and it gets even worse when you decide to erase the review from your website. Instead, reach out to the customer through the same online platform where the review was initially given. Try a proactive and sympathetic approach by coming up with different solutions to address the problem at hand. You can also ask the customer to contact or email you offline to rectify the issue.

·       Social media posts

Social media sites can be used to engage with customers. Having accounts on every social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn) is an excellent way to start your business. But you have to be careful while using these sites as a single post out of line or which targets a particular segment of society can hugely backfire.

You can use these websites to give your company a more humane look. You can post content like photos and blog posts that will encourage interaction. When an online user responds to your post, make sure that he/she is given the feedback they deserve. This creates a sense of personal attention in your customers’ minds, making them even more loyal to you and you alone.

·       Search engine result

The value of the search engine has the potential to make or break a business. Sites that are top of the search results get all the business because they are trustworthy and credible. People usually ignore sites that are at the end of the page or not on the first page. It is because no one wants to do business with someone that seems shady, and in most cases, Google pushes down a company on the search engine due to certain violations or other problems. So, the search engine result can also be a factor that influences your online reputation.

By publicly answering the feedbacks and reviews, you show your customers that you value their opinion. Your public responses also demonstrate to other potential customers that you care about the satisfaction of your customers.

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