These 5 Intriguing Startups Are Building the Future of Smart Cities

Machine learning. Smart sensors. AI-enabled infrastructure planning. This is the future of urban development thanks to startup companies within the smart city sector. There is growing interest in smart city technology, as software and hardware converge to create tools and resources for city planners. Future cities will use everything from sensor-enabled buses to IoT-enabled cameras to understand the movement of their citizens and plan future infrastructure spending. If you want a peek into the future of city planning, check out five up-and-coming startups in the smart city sector.



Automotus provides an intelligent camera network to cities to help them better manage their parking infrastructure. The Automotus camera network enables everything from automated parking enforcement to city development and economic planning based upon detailed data. If you want to know what the data-enabled cities of the future will look like, check out Automotus.



Eluminocity offers LED street lights with built-in charging stations for electric vehicles. As the popularity of electric transportation grows, cities will need to develop infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles and encourage the switch from fossil fuel transportation to electric.



¬†Topos is bringing artificial intelligence to city planning. Still in the early stages of development, Topos’ technology will help city planners better understand their data and act upon their information thanks to AI interpretation.



Based out of Santiago, Chile, Hiri is developing smart sensors for air quality testing. City planners will be able to use Hiri technology to create real-time visualizations of air quality and generate reports based on their data. Individuals will be able to use Hiri data to understand air quality in their location or discover air quality data about locations they are planning on visiting.


Building Intellect

Building intellect is developing smart mapping technology for cities. Combining smart sensors and software, their MotionMap technology will allow cities to understand everything from their public transportation data to the tracking of pedestrian traffic.

These five startups are just a small sampling of the innovation happening in the smart city sector. Forward thinkers are developing a wide array of technology to help create intelligent cities. The urban centers of the future will operate much differently than today’s cities thanks to the ongoing development in the smart city sector. Keep your eyes on smart city startups; they truly are building the future.

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